MySphere 3.2
MySphere 3.2
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MySphere 3.2

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Available to purchase on back order, 2-4 week wait.

Product information.

MYSPHERE 3.1 (15 Ohms):

  • DAPs & music players
  • Portable headphone amplifiers

MYSPHERE 3.2 (110 Ohms):

  • Desktop solid state headphone amplifiers
  • Desktop tube (OTL or hybrid) headphone amplifiers

The roots of MYSPHERE 3 headphones go back to the legendary flagship headphone K1000 of AKG, introduced to the market in 1989. 2 outstanding acoustic engineers are associated with the history of the K1000: Helmut Ryback, who developed the AKG K240 DF, at that time reference headphone for many radio stations, and Heinz Renner, leading in concept and development of the K 1000, together with Helmut Ryback.

After extensive evaluation of all available transducer principles, including electrostatic and planar magnetic drivers, the developers decided to adopt the dynamic driver method for the K1000, mainly because it is far superior for accelerating the air molecules at low frequencies. A novel radial magnet array was designed to minimise the influence of mechanical parts in the sound field. In order to avoid nonlinearities of the membrane movement, the idea of the quadrangular shape was born. Overall, the open construction in all directions gave the same impression to the listener as sitting in an ideal room with optimal speakers. So the K1000 became a legend.

The times are a-changing…

The K1000 was discontinued, unfortunately, but there are many of them still around and in use. In the meantime, many things have changed in the industry: new advanced materials, improved computer simulations, revolutionary measurement methods like psychoacoustics, Kunstkopf (head and torso simulation), laser Doppler vibrometer measurement techniques and others opened new possibilities for the construction of acoustic devices. So the masterminds behind the K1000, Ryback and Renner, decided to apply their wide experiences to the development of the ultimate headphone – the MYSPHERE 3. The main principles of the K1000 have been carried over, though enhanced by the new materials and measurement technologies: The fully open construction principle, the radial magnet system, the quadrangular membrane. But many details are new and allow for major improvements. Some of them have been registered as international patents. The membrane comes nearer to the ear entrance to assure better sensitivity and higher bass levels. The frequency response reaches far into the ultrasound range. All surface materials are extremely durable and water resistant. A revolutionary headband concept admits a perfect fit nearly without pressure on the ear.

Spatial sound

Supported by the open design, the soundframes are kind of levitating over the ear. The open front cushion enables sound to flow from one side to the other and vice versa. This creates an unprecedented binaural effect and great spatiality. 

Transient response

An ultra light coil and a glass foam membrane with a cobweb structure allow the fastest impulse reproduction. All dispensable air volumes like tight channels, slots, holes etc. are largely avoided in order to reduce additional acoustic masses. 

Open design

On both sides of the moving membrane the spaces are completely vented. No acoustic volumes hamper the membrane in its movement and the front cushions are acoustically open. This yields an unsuspected sense of space. 

Innovative frame construction

A light metal frame transmits the force from the soft cushions to the head to achieve very small specific surface pressure. Sensitive areas of the head are bypassed resulting in a well-fixed headband carrying the hovering soundframes. 


Wired near-field head-monitor – completely open backed transducers hovering in front of the ear, “Hover Ear“ with dynamic operating principle. 

Natural listening experience aided by the multi- layered headband construction made of metal and plastics. This design approach dampens mechanical vibration transmission to and from each side of the driver, as well as any noise transmitted along the cable. 

Handmade headband and ear pads are made of special, highly aerated, spacer fabrics that afford natural comfort during extended listening, without the inconvenience of sweating and heat build up. All cushions are easily replaceable and washable, being magnetically fixed without the need for tools. 

Specially manufactured lightweight, robust, symmetrical inductance and low-capacitance cable can be connected (left or right) despite perfectly symmetrical cabling design layout on a single side. 

Transducers are made with 20 Gold-plated, fully ventilated, radially symmetric, individual magnets. Multilayer technology membranes feature internal damping with glass, air and resin reinforcement, which realises resonance-free high frequency performance far into the ultrasonic range.


  • Style levitate next to the ears, fully open acoustic design
  • Sensitivity 96 dB / 1 mW RMS = 115 dB SPL/V eff. (at Ear-Drum Reference Point)
  • Maximum input power 60 mW
  • Rated Impedance 15 Ohms for 3.1 and 110 Ohms for 3.2
  • Transducer type dynamic
  • Transducer size 40 x 40 mm
  • Diaphragm squared, glass-foam enforced
  • Membrane excursion 4 mm
  • Frequency response 20 Hz – 40 kHz (-10 dB)
  • Magnetic structure radial, fully vented
  • Magnet type 20 Gold plated Neodymium N52
  • Magnet density 1.5 Tesla
  • Weight approx. 330 g (without cables)
  • Aluminium driver housings, anodised to MOHS 9.5 rating (close to Diamond hardness). Virtually scratch proof
  • Sweat & dust resistant driver covers
  • Laser engraved markings, not printed
  • Matte metal headband frame, which is corrosion resistant
  • Modular design & completely serviceable (headband cushions, drivers, headband, ear pad cushions)
  • Handmade in Vienna, Austria
  • 3 year warranty
  • Zellous Audio is an authorised MYSPHERE 3 dealer

It comes with a Premium Case which features:

– robust metal covered box with carrying handle

– interior: special long-life foam protection

– a brief description

– a USB stick containing all details, specification, warranty, measurements…

*Please choose the Sound Frame cushion version you prefer.

Sound Frame Cushions “Standard”

The allrounder among the sound frame cushions offers a linear frequency response and an optimal neutral sound.

Sound Frame Cushions “Transparent”

This sound frame cushion achieves the highest transparency in the sound image, which makes it specifically impressive for classical music.

Sound Frame Cushions “Bass”

This version achieves significantly stronger bass levels when applied close to the ear. As soon as the sound frames are moved farther away from the ear, the overall sound image is much alike as with our "Standard" cushions.

All Premium cables are an 8 core Silver-plated Oxygen free Copper design.

These are intertwined to achieve low capacitance and inductance.

Covered with a robust soft yet tear-resistant fabric with overall diameter of 3.6mm.

Typical electrical specifications: 0.15 ohms/m, 0.25 nF/m, 1.5 myH/m

*Please choose the Premium cable version you prefer.

Premium Cable "Short"

  • 1.2 m length
  • with 3.5 mm jack: 3-pole, Gold plated
  • 6.25 mm adapter (1/8" to 1/4“; screwable)

Premium Cable "Long"

  • 3.5 m length
  • with 3.5 mm jack: 3-pole, Gold plated
  • 6.25 mm adapter (1/8" to 1/4“; screwable)

Premium Cable “Symmetric XLR”

  • 3.5 m length
  • with balanced XLR connector: 4-pole, symmetric, Gold plated

Premium Cable “Symmetric 4-Pole 2.5mm”

  • 1.2 m length
  • with balanced 2.5 mm jack: 4-pole, symmetric, Gold plated

Premium Cable “Symmetric Pentaconn 4.4mm”

  • 3.5 m length
  • with balanced Pentaconn 4.4mm connector: 4-pole, symmetric, Gold plated

*Please email me at with your choice of sound frame cushion & premium cable after your purchase.